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Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is a picturesque mountain resort in the district of Adler, which is located in 85 km from the center of Sochi, at the foot of Aibga mountain at a height of 600 meters. There is everything for ski-lovers: equipment, a ropeway, hotels and camp sites. The village is covered with snow from January to March, and after the start-up of the fourth stage of the ski-elevator the ski-season is extended from November to May. In the rest or the year you are offered dozens of hiking routs - (including the 3 or 5 days long, when you can take your children with) Mountains Achishkho, Aibga, mountain lake Kardyvach, mineral springs and waterfalls and lakes. As well you can choose picnics, fishing on mountain river, paragliding, horseback riding, rafting on a catamaran, visit an apiary with honey tasting, and the most important is clean mountain air and contact with the nature.

Mountain Big Akhun

Akhun Mountain is one of the sights of the coast Sochi. Akhun is a short, five-kilometer range, which stretches from north-west to south-east and parallel to the coast. Its outline resembles a volcanic cone, although it has no relation to volcano.

From the geological point of view this is anticline, that is the fold convexity upward, the core of which is composed of cretaceous limestones and "wings" - are composed of paleogene marls, sandstones and argillites. Akhun's anticline is stretches between the valleys of the Matsesta and Hosta rivers, and it's divided into blocks of tectonic faults. And it's for tectonic faults paved their way the Agoura and Hosta rivers, forming a picturesque ravine.Eagle Rocks and their western slope also includes into the part of the Akhun anticline.

Some of the cretaceous limestones in Matsesta valley fall in to erosional section. Thus here as a result of cutting a hydrogen paleogene sediments by Matsesta river the sulphuretted hydrogen sources of Matsesta had emerged. They were the main curative factor and they brought a big glory to resort of Sochi. Also similar sources there are in the valley of the Agoura river.

The area of Akhun mountain is famous for its great variety and very rich flora. Southern, well-warmed and dry slopes are covered mostly with oak forest, passing below in the oak-hornbeam forest with a cross between the ash and lime. North, shaded slopes are covered with beech forest understory laurel, deck and hazel. The origin or the name of Akhun mountain is hide from us in ancient days. Maybe it is connected with the name of a pagan deity Akhun the patrol of the cattle-breeders. Ancient mountain tribes, which inhabited this land, worshiped to the deity. Perhaps the name comes from Abkhazian word "ahu", which means hill or hills, so "n" is the multiplicity. And really, there is two peaks on the mountain. There are Big Akhun and Small Akhun and a mountain range- Eagle Rocks.

663m above sea level - this is the height of Mount Big Akhun. There is no so far from the center of the city, about 20km away and half the distance in a straight line. There is a highway is paved at the Akhun mountaun - its 11-mile serpentine winds along the steep slope of the mountain and runs up to the apical rindge and goes to Akhun' s observation deck.


An Adler apery in one or the most popular tour among guests. It is a major research center of the Russian Institute of Medical Primatology. There are more than a thousand monkeys of very exotic breeds leaved here in covered cages. Why they are here in such numbers? We can easily guess- they are work on science, so that members of Greenpeace ate welcome.

P.S. We never ceases an amazing imagination of guides, because this tour they are called as "The city of the wise monkeys".

Trout Farm

The Adler trout farm one is the largest breeding farm in Russia, where the most valuable species of trout reared in the world has been collected. Close to farm is always work a shop named "Goldfish" that sells trout. For all comers being hold such tours as sport fishing, tasting dishes of the most popular "royal fish" in the Tavern "Canyon", which is located not far from the farm.